Vik, Iceland

Small town safaris are short articles that showcase and highlight amazing places that are a little off the beaten track. 

Vik is the place where I realized how alien Iceland is. Located a few hours drive from Reykjavik, it’s one of my favorite places in the country. Both times I’ve been to Iceland I landed, spent very little time in Reyikjavik and then began the journey southeast around the ring road.

It’s a gorgeous drive that shows how incredibly different the nature in Iceland is. This is a wild place. It’s unforgiving, serene, and takes your breath away.

Waterfalls 1st Edition

Iceland has a ton of waterfalls and at the end of your trip you might just nod and keep driving. But if this is your first day on the road, you’ll get to see a few waterfalls en route to Vik.

One is this one, which is a smaller waterfall you can hike around (and behind). The other is a bigger one that a fair number of tourist buses stop at. Both well worth the stop.


The first time I crested the hill and looked down on Vik, I thought ‘is this it?’. It is tiny! Settle in to one of the few beds in the town for at least one night so you can explore the surrounding area.

Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach

Powerful, alien, and dangerous. Make sure to check this beach out, but be careful. It’s common for tourists to be dragged out by the strong current here while attempting to take stupid selfie photos. Take a moment to stand in wonder and respect of how inhospitable Iceland truly is.



Not the biggest glacier in Iceland, but if you want to see one up close and personal consider doing a glacier walk at Sólheimajökull. The glacier’s retreat is a sad sight, but you can’t help but stare at the gorgeous ice.

The Crashed Plane

Ask a local for directions to this place. If you go in winter you’ll need to leave your vehicle parked slightly off the road to hike in a bit. This is a downed WW2 plane that’s a little spooky. Could this be the opening scene of a horror movie? Absolutely.

Carry on to Jökulsárlón and Höfn

If you have the time make sure to keep driving to the floating lagoon, and the small town of Höfn. Both stops you should make on your journey around the ring road if you are doing the whole loop.


Happy Travels!

May your summer adventures be captivating

As usual this year has flown past, but I’ve managed to create some lasting memories in the first few months of 2018.

I took a beginner woodshop class and my girlfriend and I took a private pottery throwing lesson this past weekend. We both sucked, but enjoyed it so much we are considering taking a multi-week pottery course.

Why am I telling you this? Mainly because I feel uncomfortable sending marketing emails, or writing blog posts, about sending postcards with Postcard Panda.

I’d rather share with you a few details from my own life, and hopefully inspire you to create memorable experiences in your own. Whether it’s traveling, an art class, or unexpectedly dropping in to visit your family. Time is our most precious resource, spend it wisely.

If you decide to rope in your loved ones with an eco-friendly postcard, I won’t be disappointed. Every card you send helps my tiny little business, and is better for the planet than your typical souvenir postcard.

Welcome to the Postcard Panda blog

Postcard Panda is an app for sending eco-friendly postcards in the mail the old fashioned way. It was born out of my love for travel and my family’s tradition of sending postcards when on holiday which is a tradition I still enjoy doing today. There’s something so gratifying about receiving a real piece of paper from someone you care for.

But we cannot forget that paper, petroleum based inks, and shipping all use up valuable natural resources. That’s why the postcards printed with Postcard Panda are made with FSC certified 100% post consumer recycled paper using non toxic inks. Our printing partner is even powered by the wind!

This blog exists to showcase the app itself, but more importantly to share with you my love of travel and exploration. I hope to do regular features on places I’ve been, places I hope to go, and hopefully some photos from other people as well.

Thanks for reading and I hope you choose to send your next postcard with me.